Welcome to the site of Le petit jardin paradis

We are a small company located near Castelnaud la Chapelle in the department Dordogne ( Perigord noir)  in France.
We are engaged in providing all kinds of assistance such as guarding your property, maintaining the garden and swimming pool and performing small but also larger jobs in and around the house. 
In addition, we offer you general supported household help!

Website updated on 22 april 2021

Why should you choose us?

Because we are involved and reliable and we focus 100% on the best result, we have several very satisfied customers.
Would you like to hear from them personally what we are like?
Then we will gladly provide you with reference contact information!

Lien is registered and insured as a micro entrepreneur but working under cesu is also possible.
Sil works under CESU.

Our prices

We charge different rates depending on the nature of the work.

Tariff A ; Small work carried out by Lien; household help, ironing, getting groceries, window cleaning, lawn mowing, maintenance of your swimming pool, hanging paintings, changing light bulbs and so on. If you pay by cesu then the hourly net rate is 17.50 euros, if you prefer to receive an invoice you pay 22.50 euros per hour.

Rate B; Medium-heavy jobs which if necessary Lien and Sil do together, for example, cleaning of holiday homes, wood splitting and stacking, weed weeding after winter break, the more technical jobs such as assembling sockets or replacing a tap but also the more intensive garden maintenance such as pruning hedges, mowing wood, removing garden waste, cleaning terraces with a high-pressure sprayer, paint a wall and so on.  
If you pay via CESU then the net hourly rate is € 22,50 per person, if you prefer to pay Liens part by invoice then her hourly rate is € 27,50 

The use of our own tools and fuels is possible, there is a surcharge for this, we will discuss in advance which hourly rate or a package price we will charge for your assignment and what the possible additional costs will be.

Travelling expenses

We charge within a radius of 15 kilometers of our house
no call-out charges, but our minimum working time is 1.5 hours at all times!
If you have a job that takes much less time, we will invoice or cesu you for the time actually worked, but in that case you will pay 15 euro in cash for call-out charges.

Kilometres travelled outside the 15 kilometre radius amount to € 0.75 per kilometre.


Visit our photo gallery to meet us and get an impression of the work we do. If you do not see what you were looking for, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!